Head Office (Factory)
2-190-15 Yamada Nishi-ku Sakai-city 
Osaka Japan 5938316
 (072) 274-3888

Showa Metal Advance Sdn. Bhd
37, 47, 49, Jalan Industri 3,
Taman Perindustrian Pekan Nanas,
81500 Pontian,
Johor, Malaysia.


Quality Control

QC Equipment List
S/N Equipment Name Manufacturer Name Model Quantity
1 Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring Machine MITUTOYO RA-20000DS 1
2 Contour Measurement Machine ( Contracer ) MITUTOYO CV-3100S4 1
3 Micro Hardness Testing Machine MITUTOYO HR-521 1
4 Profile Projector MITUTOYO PJ-300 1
5 Vickers Hardness Testing Machine MITUTOYO MVK-H200 1
6 Specimen Cutting Machine TORSEE TVH-603 1
7 Grinder & Polisher Machine KEMET MP-2B 1

1 Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring Machine  
  '-- Apparatus for measuring a geometric deviation cylindricity and (error from the true circle of the circular portions), concentricity and concentricity roundness of the workpiece.
2 Contour Measurement Machine (Contracer)  
  '-- Econimic stationary contour measurement in production and in the laboratory.
3 Micro Hardness Testing Machine  
  '-- Multiple test force generation for Rockwell,Rockwell superfical and Brinell

'-- Dolphin-nose indenter arm for easy reach of interior and exterior surface.
4 Profile Projector  
  '-- For efficient measurement,inspection and observation of very small workpieces.
5 Vickers Hardness Testing Machine  
  '-- Hardness measurement of the minute portion, thin material, used to measure
    the hardness of the materials surface treated
6 Specimen Cutting Machine  
  '-- Specimen cutting machine is mainly used to cut metal materials of high
    hardness by using fast rotating sheet wheels.
7 Grinder & Polisher Machine  
  '-- Grinder and Polisher has two platens with variable speed range & can be used
    for grinding while the other disc can be used for polishing.

'-- Is ideal for laboratories which have a wide variety of samples to process.

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